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Discover our accessories for making gem waters and stone elixirs. A range of products with an audacious design to enable you to make your own gemstone waters. True source of life, infuse your well-being drinks in contact with crystals, the very essence of the earth. Scented waters, fruit juices or smoothies, find balance thanks to the power of our nature. Each little problem has its own elixir, because beauty is not limited to appearance.

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What is gem water and stone elixir?

Gem water is water energized by stones. Pure, fresh water in which crystals have been directly or indirectly infused in order to transmit their properties to the liquid. Gem water is therefore a source of benefits easily accessible to practical administration. A gem elixir is simply gem water to which alcohol has been added to improve its preservation.

eaux de gemmes lithothérapie

Why use gem waters or elixirs?

First, a gemstone water or an elixir is an excellent way to work with a stone on a daily basis. In an active life, it is sometimes tedious to find time to have direct contact with crystals. A water of gems constitutes a simple and practical solution to profit from the contributions of a mineral without loss of time. Secondly, gem waters and mineral elixirs allow us to mix the different properties of stones and thus create our own solutions according to our desires. A very nice way to become aware of our needs, to do good in full consciousness and to put creativity into our daily lives!

Are gem water and stone elixirs effective?

Gem waters and elixirs are unique methods of intracorporeal lithotherapy. An energizing water will thus be able to resonate with your body and act as closely as possible to your needs. A powerful alternative to the connection we all lose day by day: our mother nature.

elixir de pierre

Which stones should not be put in direct contact with your drinks?

Before immersing yourself in the magic of stone elixirs and gem waters, you will need to take some precautions. There are minerals to be avoided when making gemstone water using the direct infusion method. This is why the Pierre de Lune team has selected a range of semi-precious stones based on silica, an essential of the earth to life.

The history of mineral elixirs

Since the dawn of time, man has been fascinated by the jewels of the mineral world. He used minerals and precious stones, recognizing their curative and even magical powers in certain civilizations... From the use of Lapis Lazuli in ancient Egypt to the first acupuncture needles in the Far East, the therapeutic use of minerals leaves deep-rooted traces in our history. Mineral elixirs appear millennia before our era with the birth of ancient medicines such as Ayurveda and Chinese Energetics.

eaux de gemmes

Water bottle or straw, which should you choose?

It all depends on when you want to enjoy mineral drinks. Our water bottles will be ideal for all kinds of activities such as yoga, hiking, the beach, the gym but also at home and in the office. Our straws, on the other hand, will be a delicate addition to your private parties, your neighborhood restaurant or a chic cocktail bar. A great way to surprise your guests!

How to recharge your crystals or your straw?

The recharging of crystals is one of the fundamentals of lithotherapy. You need to rekindle the energies of your gems, a force that gradually wanes by energizing your drinks. How to do ? Nothing could be simpler, you have to recharge your crystals periodically. Here are the most accessible methods of recharging: expose your crystals under the full moon for a whole night, immerse them in salt for a few hours or give them a bath in the smoke of incense.

eaux de gemmes et minéraux

How to recognize the stone that is made for you?

First of all, it is important to identify what your spiritual and mental needs and lacks are. Look for the little nudge you need to move forward more serenely in your life journey. Courage, positivity, concentration, protection, vitality, abundance, dynamism, it is essential to understand what is happening within you before depending on external sources. From there, you can browse our various product pages to find the right gem for you. We have prepared an illustration below in which you will find the benefits of some of our detailed stones. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us on social networks or by email!

  • Obsidian

    This stone makes you want to move forward, to change your state of mind while bringing you support and comfort.

  • Rock crystal

    A symbol of concentration and meditation, rock crystal amplifies the vibrations of other stones and minerals.

  • quartz fumé brut vue de prêt

    smoky quartz

    Smoky quartz clarifies your mind and brings you a fair vision of your goals to avoid disappointment or failure.

  • citrine brut vue de prêt


    This stone is voluntary, dynamic and strengthens the personality of its wearer. Attributed to success and prosperity, citrine is a treasure trove of positivity.

  • Rose Quartz

    Crystal of love and peace, this gem helps forgiveness, respect for oneself and others. Rose quartz also reduces your anxiety and stress.

  • Amethyst

    This stone has soothing properties, contributes to inner calm, relaxation, meditation and helps fight all kinds of addictions.

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The most frequently asked questions about Roll On Face

Is gem water with direct infusion dangerous?

There are minerals to be avoided when making gemstone water using the direct infusion method. This is why at Pierre de Lune we have selected a range of silica-based gemstones, an essential of the earth to life.

Are the Moon Stone Gourds adaptable to all kinds of drinks?

Water, teas, coffees or Smoothies, our water bottles can contain all types of drinks that you can enjoy during all types of moments!

How to clean your water bottle?

You can clean your Pierre de Lune gourd quite normally using soapy water without worrying about the compartment hosting your stones. Our water bottles are also dishwasher safe.

How to clean your straw?

Our straws are supplied with an internal cleaning brush. You can therefore clean them completely normally using soapy water.