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Nous travaillons d'arrache-pied pour remettre tous vos articles favoris en stock, des pierres naturelles de la meilleure qualité qui soit, embellies par un packaging jeune et rafraîchi.

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Roll On & Gua Sha Set

Roll On & Gua Sha Set

Our Roll On & Gua Sha Moonstone collection combines the power of... 

Gua Sha

Gua Sha

Fruit of ancestral wisdom and unique know-how, Gua Sha represents an invaluable... 

Roll On

Roll On

Discover the secret to healthy, radiant skin with our Moon Stone Roll... 

  • Professional expertise

    Our expert graduated from the National Institute of Gemmology and certified FEEG guarantees you authentic and genuine stones.

  • 100% ethical stones

    All of our products are responsibly sourced. Strict specifications so that the future of tomorrow is still full of treasures.

  • Free delivery

    Home delivery of our products is free throughout mainland France and overseas.

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Pierre de Lune is a house immersing you in the fascinating universe of the precious fruits of our nature. At the heart of a pure sensory experience, discover the vibratory power of crystals through a whole range of gems and self-care accessories. A little mineral reminder on a journey towards self-realization. A connection at the heart of intention.

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Pierre de Lune has given itself a mission. Help as many people as possible with the extraordinary energy powers of crystals. We are convinced to introduce as many people as possible to the world of lithotherapy, by finding subtle and creative ways to bring you a first experience in this field. Because the spectacle of nature is always beautiful and there is never enough of it in our life.

  • ele,a



    The stones are of very good quality! I ordered the obsidian crystal mask and the quality is just phew!!! 😍

  • Thelma


    Everything was perfect ! Satisfied with this first purchase on Pierre de Lune. Thank you 1000 times


  • lucille



    So happy to have discovered this brand! This site provides detailed and playful explanations of the stones 🔮

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the answer to all your questions

The most frequently asked questions

Why did you choose Pierre de Lune as a brand name?

Moonstone has always been a mineral with a special symbolism for us. Its pure clarity and celestial dimension make it a stone in perfect harmony with the values ​​we advocate. Source of inspiration, we want to help you with a drop of sweetness in this very tumultuous life.

How does Pierre de Lune differ from other brands?

It is important to stipulate that we have an expert gemologist in the Pierre de Lune team. A major candidate from France from the National Institute of Gemmology in Paris and a graduate of the prestigious FEEG (Federation of European Education in Gemmology). Our house is therefore able to assure you of the real authenticity of the stones with which we work.

How do we know if our stones are authentic?

A stone resulting from the bowels of our earth will bear scars related to its natural development. Fractures, inclusions, color variations... These are the scars that make up the history, authenticity and beauty of your mineral. Only an expert eye can certify the authenticity of a stone, but a specimen that is too homogeneous is often a bad sign. In addition, a natural stone is cold, fragile and can withstand the heat of a flame.

Pourquoi dois-je absolument utiliser un Gua Sha ?

Le gua sha est un outil ancestral utilisé depuis des millénaires dans la médecine traditionnelle chinoise pour améliorer la santé et la beauté de la peau. Voici quelques raisons majeures d'intégrer le gua sha dans votre routine :

  1. Amélioration de la circulation sanguine : Le massage avec un gua sha favorise la circulation sanguine, ce qui donne à la peau un teint plus éclatant et lumineux.
  2. Réduction des gonflements : Grâce à son action drainante, le gua sha aide à réduire les gonflements et les poches, notamment sous les yeux.
  3. Stimulation du collagène : En stimulant les couches superficielles de la peau, le gua sha aide à produire du collagène, contribuant ainsi à une peau plus ferme et plus jeune.
  4. Relâchement des tensions musculaires : le gua sha aide à détendre les muscles du visage, réduisant ainsi les tensions qui peuvent contribuer aux rides.
  5. Amélioration de l'absorption des produits de soin : Utilisé après l'application de sérums ou d'huiles, le gua sha aide les produits à pénétrer plus profondément dans la peau.
  6. Harmonisation énergétique : Au-delà des bénéfices esthétiques, le gua sha est également reconnu pour ses vertus énergétiques, aidant à équilibrer le chi (énergie vitale) et à apporter une sensation de bien-être et de relaxation.

What is lithotherapy?

At a time when Western society is trying to rethink its relationship to the environment through practices that are more respectful of the natural balance, at a time when our lives are moving further and further away from the essence of our world, the stones materialize a lost link, a precious and intimate link to nature. Coming from the Greek “lithos” (stone) and “therapeia” (cure), lithotherapy exploits this forgotten link. An alternative and complementary soft medicine to modern medicine using the unique vibrational frequencies of each mineral.

Why don't you sell Jade?

There are two categories of natural Jade in this world, Nephrite Jade and Jadeite Jade. We sell Nephrite Jade in tumbled stone form at Pierre de Lune and have incorporated it into our companion kits. Good quality jadeite jade being too expensive, we decided to part with it. We want a range of products that can be reached for all budgets without lowering the quality. We can assure you that all jade-based skincare products on the French market are nothing more than misleading or even fraudulent trade names. Tools made from serpentines, aventurines, reconstituted powders or resins but in no case made of real jade.

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