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Ancestral treasure expert in body revitalization, discover our Moon Stone Gua Sha Body collection. A little crystal jewel strengthening your dermis to reveal all the power of its youth. Cellulite, skin texture and heavy legs, let the precious things of our nature rid you of the vagaries of a busy life. For wonderfully textured skin; an essential part of our emotional body.

What is a Gua Sha Body?

A Gua Sha Body is a care tool from traditional Chinese medicine. Each Gua Sha is unique, hand-worked by master artisans and fashioned from genuine raw crystal that is 100% ethically sourced. Your Gua Sha will therefore have all the different inclusions and scars related to the evolution of its mother crystal. It is these traces of life that make your Gua Sha identity tell such a wonderful and unique story.

What are the benefits of Gua Sha Body?

There are many benefits provided by this ancestral beauty tool: improvement of skin elasticity, stimulation of acupressure points, reduction of all types of cellulite, relief of muscle tension, lifting effect on the skin, improvement of penetration. cosmetic care products...

Why are Body Gua Sha and Face Gua different?

The main difference between the Gua Sha for the face and that for the body lies in their form and their use. Gua Sha for the face is usually smaller and has delicate curves designed to fit the contours of the face. On the other hand, the Gua Sha for the body is larger and more robust, with longer and straight edges to work effectively on the larger and more muscular areas of the body. Both have their place in a complete skin and body care routine.

Gua Sha Body or Roll On?

Choosing between a Body Gua Sha and a Roll On can come down to determining your needs and preferences. While both tools help improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, they offer distinct experiences. The Roll On is a practical and easy to use tool, ideal for a quick and gentle daily application on the body. It can be used on all skin types and offers a soothing, smoothing and decongestant massage effect. Gua Sha, on the other hand, requires a more elaborate technique and offers a deeper massage. It is excellent for targeting areas of muscle tension and sculpting the body. If you are looking to tone and refine your silhouette, the Gua Sha Corps is the tool you need.

How to clean your Gua Sha Body?

Caring for your Body Gua Sha is essential to ensure its durability and maintain its effectiveness. After each use, clean your tool in lukewarm water with a mild soap, then dry it gently with a clean, soft cloth. Avoid letting it soak in water or using harsh chemicals which may affect the quality of the stone. Keep in mind that as a natural product, Gua Sha must be handled with care to avoid chipping or breakage.

Which Gua Sha Body is for you?

Each Gua Sha we offer is made from a unique natural stone, each with its own benefits and attributes. The choice of your Gua Sha must therefore be based on the specific needs of your skin. Whether you have skin that lacks radiance, has sagging skin, suffers from irritation, shows signs of aging or even cellulite, each skin problem finds its solution with a specific Gua Sha. Our full line of Gua Sha is designed to meet all your skincare needs.

  • Rose Quartz

    Actively pushes back the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while preserving the youthfulness of your skin.

  • Amethyst

    Helps regenerate your cells and reduces the disastrous effects of stress.

  • Rock crystal

    Oxygenates your cells and boosts the radiance of your skin.

  • Obsidian

    Accelerates the regeneration of your cells, ideal for marked and damaged skin.

  • Aventurine

    Fights against overproduction of sebum, blackheads and improves the quality of your skin texture.

  • Eye of tiger

    Protects and strengthens your skin against daily aggressions. Restores vitality to your dermis.

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How to use a Gua Sha Body?

Using a Gua Sha for the body is a simple and comforting process. Start by applying a natural body oil to your skin to allow the Gua Sha to glide on smoothly. Then take your Gua Sha and begin to slide it along your body, always starting from the bottom and going up towards the heart. Use long, gentle strokes on larger areas like the thighs and arms, and use the thinner edges for more precise areas like the joints. Be careful never to press too hard; gentle, constant movement is more effective. This practice can be repeated as often as desired. If you notice any redness after use, don't worry, it just means your skin is reacting and regenerating.

How to make sure your Gua Sha Body is crystal?

To make sure your Gua Sha Body is authentic, here are some things to check:

Examine its physical characteristics: A real Crystal Gua Sha Body will have natural inclusions, color variations and a unique texture. If the product seems too perfect or seamless, it may be an imitation.

Take a cooling test: Natural crystals have the ability to retain temperature. Put your Gua Sha Corps in the refrigerator for a few minutes and then touch it. If it's cold to the touch, it's probably crystal.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your Body Gua Sha is made of real crystal and enjoy its benefits during your massage sessions.

Does Gua Sha Body really work?

The effectiveness of Gua Sha for the body is not just a matter of belief or superstition, but is backed by science. Regular use of this massage tool improves blood circulation, promotes lymphatic drainage and helps detoxify the body. It is an effective and non-invasive natural method to take care of yourself.


The most frequently asked questions about Roll On Face

How long do you have to wait before seeing the first results?

Visible results from daily use of a Gua Sha usually begin to show as early as the second week. You may notice more defined contours and smoother, more radiant skin. However, it is essential to remember that each body reacts differently and at its own pace, so patience and persistence are the key to achieving lasting results.

On which parts of the body should Gua Sha Body be applied?

The use of your Body Gua Sha is flexible and can extend from the base of your neck to the soles of your feet. You have the freedom to apply it on any part of the body where you feel the need, whether it is to improve the appearance of your skin or simply to relax. There are no restrictions on the areas you can target with your Gua Sha

Does Gua Sha work against cellulite?

Indeed, Gua Sha is a valuable tool in the fight against cellulite. By promoting the elimination of toxins, stimulating blood circulation and activating the lymphatic system, this self-application massage revitalizes and decongests all layers of your skin, including the deepest ones. It is a natural and effective remedy against orange peel skin, heavy legs, watery cellulite and deeply rooted cellulite.

Can Gua Sha Body be used for the face?

The design of Moon Stone Gua Shas is based on a precise analysis of their use in order to achieve optimal efficiency. Thus, a Body Gua Sha, designed to fit the general curves of the body, is not suitable for the delicate and precise contours of your face. Consequently, it cannot offer the same level of effectiveness as a Facial Gua Sha specifically designed to work on these specific areas.

What is the most effective stone against wrinkles?

Rose Quartz is the stone with the most advanced anti-aging properties.

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