Gua Sha for the Back: return to an ancestral tradition

The Gua Sha for the back, a return to an ancestral tradition.

It is a traditional Chinese massage technique, which originated thousands of years ago. It is particularly recognized for its benefits on the back.

But how does Gua Sha for the back work and what are its benefits? This is what we will see in this article. 💆‍♀️

Gua Sha for the back: an ancestral practice

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Definition of "gua sha dos"

Gua sha dos , also called gua sha for the back , is a gua sha technique specially designed for use on the back region.

This practice is derived from traditional Chinese medicine and is often used as a natural way to relieve muscle tension and promote better circulation in this area of ​​the body.

The tool is usually held by the practitioner who exerts pressure while making gentle scraping movements on the skin of the back.

These movements are performed in specific directions to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, as well as to relax tense muscles.

Back massage with Gua Sha in Chinese medicine

Gua Sha , which literally means "to scrape the disease", has its origins in traditional Chinese medicine.

The tool, usually made of stone, horn or bone, is used to scrape the skin and stimulate the circulation of "Qi", vital energy, as well as blood circulation.

According to Chinese medicine, this stimulation would help eliminate energy blockages, promote healing and reduce pain.

The benefits of Gua Sha for the back

Gua Sha is particularly effective in alleviating various musculoskeletal disorders, thanks to its ability to increase blood circulation and reduce inflammation.

#1 Muscle pain and tension

Thanks to its scraping action on the skin, Gua Sha can help relax tight muscles and relieve muscle pain. This can be especially beneficial for those who suffer from chronic back pain, muscle stiffness or spasms.

#2 Lumbago and sciatica

Pain in the lower back or that radiates along the sciatic nerve can be particularly debilitating. Gua Sha can help relieve these symptoms by improving circulation to the affected area and reducing inflammation.

#3 Arthritis

For those with arthritis, joint inflammation can be a major source of pain. Gua Sha, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, can help reduce this inflammation and relieve pain.

#4 Soft tissue injuries

Whether it is a sprain, strain or tear, soft tissue injuries can benefit from the effects of Gua Sha. By stimulating blood circulation, Gua Sha can help accelerate tissue healing and regeneration.

#5 Immune system

But the benefits of using Gua Sha on the back do not stop there, Gua Sha has a positive effect on the immune system. By stimulating blood circulation and releasing toxins, it helps strengthen the body's defenses.

#6 Headaches

The use of Gua Sha can also relax the muscles of the neck, thus reducing tension which can cause headaches. It is the combination of these effects that makes the use of Gua Sha on the back is greatly appreciated by athletes in particular.

How to use a Gua Sha for the back

During a Gua Sha session on the back, the tool is used to scrape the skin from the back in a one-way motion.

It is not uncommon for the skin to turn red during this process. This is a sign that blood circulation is stimulated and toxins are eliminated.

Attention 🚨 Above all, do not use the same method of massage on the face! To learn more about facial massage, see our article 👉 A professional facialist explains how to use a gua sha

The use of Gua Sha for the back follows a specific method to optimize its effects. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: choose the right Gua Sha

Various types of gua sha are available, each specially designed to target different parts of the body. We recommend using a Gua Sha for the body .

Different stones are used as materials for these gua sha. It would be better to choose a version of this little treasure made in crystal that suits you best!

To find out which stone is made for you, we invite you to read our article 👉 Gua Sha: which stone to choose to maximize the benefits?

Step 2: preparation

Start by applying an oil or lotion to your back to help the Gua Sha glide on. It can be a specific massage oil, a natural vegetable oil or a specific gel for Gua Sha.

Step 3: positioning

Get into a comfortable position, lying on your stomach if possible. If you are doing the massage yourself, you can also sit down and reach as much of your back as possible.

Step 4: technique

Grasp the Gua Sha and place it against your skin at an angle of approximately 30 degrees. Start at the lower back and glide the tool upwards, following the line of the spine. Apply moderate pressure, avoiding too much pressure so as not to cause pain or discomfort.

Step 5: Repeat

Repeat the movement several times on each area, making sure to cover the entire back. The movement must always be directed towards the heart, to promote venous return and lymphatic drainage.

Step 6: Hydration

After the massage, drink plenty of water to help flush out toxins released during the session. The use of Gua Sha for the back can be done daily or several times a week depending on your needs.

Why does back gua sha massage make skin red?

Reddening of the skin after a gua sha massage, including for the back, is a normal and expected phenomenon. This change in skin color is often referred to as "sha" in traditional Chinese medicine and is considered a sign of the release of stagnation and obstruction in the tissues beneath the skin.

Gua sha dos should be performed by a trained practitioner

It is important to note that gua sha dos should be performed carefully and ideally by a trained practitioner, especially if you are new to this technique.

Misuse of the tool or improper movements could cause temporary redness on the skin, but it should fade quickly. If you have any underlying health conditions or chronic back pain, it is best to consult a medical professional before practicing back gua sha.

Conclusion on the use of Gua Sha for the back

Gua Sha for the back is an ancestral practice that has survived the centuries. By combining tradition and health benefits, it offers a natural and holistic approach to taking care of your body. However, if you suffer from specific or chronic back problems, it is recommended that you consult a medical professional before starting.

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