Refund Policy

  1. You want to cancel your order

Orders are processed immediately by our automated logistics system, which is why we cannot change or cancel an order once placed.


You have changed your mind or are not satisfied

You have a period of 14 days from receipt of the package to ask us about this problem at If you have changed your mind or you are not satisfied with the product compared to your expectations ( color of the stone not to your liking, difference, natural shape that does not suit you...) Please note that this does not concern a return due to a defective product but a return produced by your choice. The product must be unused and photos must be sent with your contact email so that we can better understand the request.

Each return falling into this category is chargeable (€4.90 for a return, inspection and refund of the value of the product ordered and €8.90 for a return, inspection and exchange with a product of the same value) and the product must be received by our workshop in its original packaging and showing no signs of use for obvious reasons of hygiene. If the requested criteria are not met then your request cannot be received and no refund or exchange will be made.

Your returned product will first have to pass a verification in order to validate or not its condition. For an exchange, we will have to wait to receive it and inspect it before returning any other product. If you want a refund and it has been accepted following verification of the product received in return, we will refund the value of the product (excluding outgoing delivery costs) to the payment method used during the purchase, the refund can take up to 30 days after making the transfer.


Your product arrived defective

You have a period of 14 days from receipt of the package to report this problem to us at . If your product arrived broken or defective upon receipt. We need photos of the product in its original packaging and delivery box with the carrier's logo highlighted (if this is not the case, then no request will be accepted). This only concerns products that arrived broken or were defective upon arrival of the product and not during use.

Every exchange that falls into this category is fully supported by us. If we find that the product is irreparable, then we will not request a product return from you and we will send you a new product immediately. If the product is repairable, we will ask you for a return at our expense, we will send you a new product at our expense. The product must be received by our workshop in its original packaging and showing no signs of use. The returned product must first pass a verification at the warehouse in order to validate or not its condition before sending you a new product. If it shows signs or traces of use, then the exchange will be refused.

Nota Bene: We do not offer a guarantee for a product that breaks during use or when it has already been used, we make it clear that these are precious products and that they must be taken extremely care of. We only take care of products that are defective on arrival (manufacturing defect or breakage during transport) and this, within 14 days of receipt.


  1. Reception

You have not received your order

We work in collaboration with a reliable and quality French logistician who will guarantee a serene handling of your package. Once dispatched, we have fulfilled our duty and the fate of your package therefore belongs to the external carrier in charge.

The carrier has 14 working days to deliver your package (deliveries in Standard mode). If you contact our Customer Service before this period, we will invite you to contact us again after 14 working days from the date of shipment of the package, in order to open an investigation so that we can help you at this time. there.*

*Covid19: During this exceptional period, the deadline may be extended and we ask that you respect these 14 working days of minimum waiting time before contacting us. If your package is marked "delivered" but you have nothing, we kindly ask you to wait up to 6 working days and contact us again at that time, so that we can deal with the problem, if still nothing received . You may receive it only a few days later. It happens right now that carriers note the package as "delivered" while it is still in "transit" mode in order to free up space in their flows.

Also think in case, to go to your nearest post office, check with your neighbors and caretaker because your package may be there, even if it is indicated as "delivered in your mailbox", it also happens that some deliverers leave your package at the post office or even at a parcel relay without warning and we are sorry for this and unfortunately not held responsible... But at least you will have increased your chances of recovering your package!

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