Gua Sha: which stone to choose to maximize the benefits?

Faced with the abundance of choices, a question arises: Gua Sha, which stone to choose? 🤨

This is undoubtedly one of the most frequently asked questions by members of our community.

Indeed, the choice of the stone of a Gua Sha is crucial! The benefits this simple skincare tool can offer are impressive, ranging from cell renewal to relaxation to the reduction of visible signs of aging.

The truth is that each gua sha stone has specific benefits and properties. So how do you choose the real Gua Sha stone that is best for you?

Let's decrypt together 💎

Gua Sha: which stone to choose and why is it important?

The choice of stone for your Gua Sha tool is of paramount importance, as each type of stone has its own therapeutic and aesthetic virtues. These benefits are directly related to the minerals that make up Gua Sha and their specific energy properties.

Lithotherapy and stones

In lithotherapy, each stone is attributed unique effects on the body and mind. For example, some stones are known for their soothing power, others for their ability to improve blood circulation or promote cell regeneration. These attributes can affect the quality of your skin when using these stones in a Gua Sha facial massage.

A stone for each of your needs

Additionally, by choosing a stone that matches your specific skincare needs, you can maximize the benefits of your Gua Sha routine.

For example, if you have scarred skin, the Black Obsidian Gua Sha, known for its healing properties, may be an ideal option. If you are looking to fight the signs of aging, a stone such as rose quartz with anti-aging properties is more appropriate.

Which gua sha stone to choose according to the benefits?

In our quest to provide a superior beauty experience, at Pierre de Lune, we have meticulously selected seven exceptional stones for our Gua Sha.

Each stone is chosen for its unique qualities and singular benefits, for highly personalized skin care.

Whether your goal is to boost the radiance of your complexion, get rid of your double chin with a gua sha , soothe sensitive skin or reduce blemishes, we have a Moon Stone Gua Sha designed specifically for you.

Let's detail the different effects of our stones to help you make the best choice.

#1 Black Obsidian Gua Sha: For Regeneration

Black obsidian, a stone with impressive healing properties, is ideal for marked and damaged skin. Black Obsidian Gua Sha works by regulating blood circulation, thus accelerating cell regeneration and healing. Perfect for those looking to fade the look of marks and improve overall skin health.

#2 Gua Sha Rose Quartz: For Youth

Rose quartz is a precious ally for sensitive skin. This stone, soft and soothing, is renowned for its anti-aging properties. The pink quartz Gua Sha repels the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while preserving the youthfulness of the skin, for a radiant youthful face.

#3 Gua Sha Rock Crystal: For Radiance

The Rock Crystal Gua Sha is the perfect tool for those looking to energize their complexion. This translucent stone is renowned for its power to oxygenate cells and boost skin radiance. Used regularly, it can help reveal a luminous complexion and visibly more radiant skin.

#4 Amethyst Gua Sha: For Serenity

For those who struggle with irritated and stressed skin, Amethyst Gua Sha is an excellent choice. This violet stone soothes irritation, helps cell regeneration, and reduces the effects of stress for soothed and revitalized skin.

#5 Gua Sha Aventurine: For Balance

The Aventurine Gua Sha is the perfect choice for those looking to smooth out blemishes. This green stone effectively fights overproduction of sebum, acne and blackheads while improving the quality of skin texture. An ideal choice for those looking to balance their skin and reveal a clear, even complexion.

#6 Gua Sha Tiger Eye: For Vitality

Tiger's eye is a stone that infuses the skin with vitality. The Tiger's Eye Gua Sha protects and fortifies your skin against the aggressions of daily life while slowing down the action of bad bacteria. This stone with golden reflections accelerates healing and restores vitality to your dermis, for visibly more resilient and dynamic skin.

#7 Gua Sha Lapis Lazuli: For Appeasement

The Lapis Lazuli Gua Sha is ideal for those who struggle with specific skin problems such as allergies, eczema or acne. Its cool blue soothes and fortifies your skin, helping to resolve inflammation and reduce pain associated with various rashes. With its calming effect, lapis lazuli can help you regain healthy and soothed skin.

    Which type of gua sha to choose?

    Gua sha is a traditional Chinese medicine practice that offers different forms specially designed to target various areas of the body.

    For example, the flat face gua sha is ideal for the cheeks, forehead and the oval of the face, while the "mushroom gua sha" is more suitable for the delicate areas around the eyes.

    For body gua sha, it is recommended to use it on the legs or for the " Gua Sha Dos " technique . You can also choose different stones for your gua sha, such as crystal, which has its own beneficial energy properties.

    Now that you know how to choose the ideal gua sha according to your needs, get started! But do you know how to use a Gua Sha? Do not panic ! Our article 👉 A professional facialist explains how using a gua sha is for you!

    Why don't you sell Jade Gua Sha?

    Jade is the stone traditionally used for Gua Sha. It is known for its ability to balance Qi, the vital energy according to traditional Chinese medicine.

    However, in today's market, many products labeled "jade" do not contain real jade. These items are made from less expensive materials like serpentine, aventurine, reconstituted powders or even resins, with the aim of deceiving the consumer.

    In opposition to these practices, we have chosen honesty and transparency.

    Real stones for our Gua Shas

    At Pierre de Lune, we are resolutely committed to the quality and authenticity of our stones. This is why we have made the conscious choice not to include Jade Gua Sha in our product line.

    Each stone we use for our Gua Sha is rigorously selected for its quality, authenticity and beneficial properties for the skin.

    Our goal is to make a range of high quality products accessible, without compromising on their effectiveness and integrity.

    We strongly believe in the importance of providing our customers with authentic, long-lasting and genuinely beneficial products for the skin.

    Conclusion on which stone to choose for your gua sha

    Each Gua Sha stone offers unique properties, so choosing the one that best suits your specific needs is crucial.

    Whether it's boosting your skin's radiance, fighting blemishes, or promoting healing, there's a Gua Sha stone for everyone and every skin type.

    Ultimately, choosing the stone for your Gua Sha is a personal choice based on your skin care needs. Whichever stone you choose, incorporating Gua Sha into your skincare routine can help optimize your natural beauty and promote overall well-being.

    We hope this article helps you decide which Gua Sha stone to choose for your skincare routine.

    For more information on the benefits of the different Gua Sha stones, do not hesitate to visit our site and discover our complete range of products.

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