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Our Moonstone Stones and Minerals Collection will take you back to the very essence of the earth. The most stable solids in our world, filled with legends and symbols, stones represent a perfect elemental balance. The power of nature in its purest form, an energy, a vibration... Whether raw or polished, let the aura of these treasures invade your interior.

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collection pierres et minéraux spéciale lithothérapie

Presentation of the Moonstone Stones and Minerals collection

We present to you our magnificent collection of minerals, comprising a range of natural and polished stones from around the world. Each piece is carefully selected and shaped to showcase the unique beauty and energy of nature's precious fruits. Whether you are a seasoned collector or new to the world of minerals, our selection offers something for everyone.

The mineral world

Man has always woven a special link with stone since the dawn of time. From the origin of life through the first tool made by our hands to the most recent technologies, stone has given us everything. We sculpt it, we engrave it, we idolize it, we wear it... It is like the beginning and the vector of our memories. Since ancient times, crystals have fascinated. The great civilizations of our world have all paid captivating and acclaimed attention to stones. Filled with legends, virtues and symbols, the crystals represent a perfect elemental balance. Raw natural power.

collection pierres et minéraux lithothérapie

Why create a Stones and Minerals collection?

At a time when Western society is trying to rethink its relationship to the environment through practices that are more respectful of the natural balance, at a time when our lives are moving further and further away from the essence of our world, the stones materialize a lost link, a precious and intimate link to nature. Coming from the Greek "lithos" (stone) and "therapeia" (cure), lithotherapy exploits this forgotten link. An alternative and complementary soft medicine to modern medicine using the unique vibrational frequencies of each mineral. Our collection therefore aims to reconnect with nature on a daily basis. A powerful contact for all, the importance of which we often overlook.

What can lithotherapy bring me?

You can choose to fill your life with crystals. Learn how to take advantage of these magnificent treasures of the land of neglected powers. Spiritual and emotional input to develop a deep sense of who you are. Little gems used as tools to reveal yourself, stay focused on those goals, and stay in tune with yourself. A little boost that can influence our motivation, our perseverance and our life choices. Lithotherapy is part of a global approach to well-being, a philosophy of fulfillment because beauty elevates us.

collection de pierres et minéraux


The mineral is present everywhere, it enters into the composition of the living and the non-living. Everything around us, our body, our Earth and the universe are in their fundamental structure linked by the mineral. In lithotherapy, this composition allows the vibrations of minerals external to our body to resonate with the minerals contained in our organism. The stone emits a signal carrying vibrational information that stimulates, harmonizes or purifies our being. But even beyond their mind-blowing chemistry, beauty, and diversity, crystals naturally emit beneficial energy that we can learn to feel.

Reference energies

The human body is a complex system made up of billions of living cells. This system contains and emits a frequency, a signature, a natural energy that is specific to each of us. But this primary energy is impacted by the memory of our being, our experience: our joys, our sorrows, our emotional shocks, our surroundings, modern society... This impact is very rarely positive, it parasitizes us and we begin to emit a frequency more or less out of step with our original energy. We therefore attract life situations that are just as offbeat with our deep aspirations. We end up missing a balance, an osmosis with our own inner truth.

collection pierres et minéraux

Like the human body, each stone has a chemical composition, a crystalline structure and a personal character. The crystals therefore have signature energies specific to each one. But unlike humans, stones are not subject to any constraint of education, beliefs, conditioning, relational imprints and have no mental construction. This rare neutrality allows the stones to be free from all forms of pollution.

These minerals constitute reference energies. They help to dissolve, on the vibratory level, the influence of our experience, the blockages, the shocks, the tensions which impact our original energy. Being in regular contact with minerals allows us to find ourselves in adequacy with our source code while readjusting the limitations that go against our true nature. Learn to tame crystal energies on a daily basis to improve our mental, spiritual and emotional well-being. Stones with regenerating and revitalizing virtues to put down the bad waves which considerably slow down the progress of our life and our conscience.

  • Obsidian

    This stone makes you want to move forward, to change your state of mind while bringing you support and comfort.

  • Rock crystal

    A symbol of concentration and meditation, rock crystal amplifies the vibrations of other stones and minerals.

  • quartz fumé brut vue de prêt

    smoky quartz

    Smoky quartz clarifies your mind and brings you a fair vision of your goals to avoid disappointment or failure.

  • Eye of tiger

    Stone of protection above all, tiger's eye acts as a barrier against negative energies. It allows us to be more attentive to our own desires.

  • Red Jasper

    An anchoring and dynamic stone, red jasper invigorates the spirit and self-expression. A stone of sociability, it reassures by stimulating the eloquence and charisma of its wearer.

  • citrine brut vue de prêt


    This stone is voluntary, dynamic and strengthens the personality of its wearer. Attributed to success and prosperity, citrine is a treasure trove of positivity.

  • Unakite

    A stone of wisdom and balance, unakite allows us to come face to face with ourselves. It facilitates introspection and helps to unravel our blockages.

  • Aventurine

    A stone of inner peace, aventurine soothes your mind and body. It dismisses negative thoughts and strengthens self-control.

  • Lapis Lazuli

    A stone that brings self-confidence, intuition and creative expression. It helps with introspection, inner discipline and allows you to be both more vigorous and more serene.

  • Rose Quartz

    Crystal of love and peace, this gem helps forgiveness, respect for oneself and others. Rose quartz also reduces your anxiety and stress.

  • Rhodonite

    Rhodonite is radiant, it radiates positive energy. It helps to regulate the emotional overflow linked to stress and anxiety.

  • Amethyst

    This stone has soothing properties, contributes to inner calm, relaxation, meditation and helps fight all kinds of addictions.

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The Stones and Minerals collection comes from ethical and responsible sources

Pure energy requires ethical sourcing. Our work requires extensive research, communication with our suppliers, and the courage to question ourselves. Authentic spiritual alignment requires a deep grounding in the reality of our world. Make the right choice, opt for Pierre de Lune.

It is important to understand that lithotherapy is intended to complement, not replace, conventional medical or psychological treatment. Each individual can have a different experience with this alternative gentle practice. If you suffer from any disease or disorder, always consult a qualified healthcare professional.


The most frequently asked questions about rough stones

What is the difference between a collection stone and a lithotherapy stone?

Collectible stones are mainly chosen for their aesthetic beauty, their rarity or their geological interest. Lithotherapy stones, on the other hand, are selected for their supposed energetic properties and their potential to promote emotional and physical well-being.

How are you sure of the quality of your stones?

We work with trusted suppliers and have strict procedures in place to verify the authenticity and quality of each stone. In addition, each stone is carefully examined before being added to our collection by our expert gemologist.

How to use lithotherapy stones?

Lithotherapy stones can be used in different ways, depending on your preferences and needs. You can wear them on your person, place them in your living or working environment, use them during meditation or relaxation sessions, or integrate them into specific energy practices. It is important to familiarize yourself with the properties of each stone and listen to your intuition to determine how best to use them.

How can I maintain and preserve my collection stones?

Most stones can be cleaned with a soft cloth and lukewarm water. Avoid harsh chemicals that could damage the stone. For storage, we recommend a safe place, away from direct sunlight and excessive humidity.