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Live a real SPA experience at home with our Moon Stone Crystal Mask collection, the bewitching encounter of mineral virtues with the benefits of relaxation. A revitalizing sensory experience in contact with hundreds of pure semi-precious pearls. Let your muscles relax under the crystalline weight for soothed, toned and refreshed skin. Healthy and naturally beautiful, take the time to do yourself good.

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What are the benefits of the Crystal Mask?

Crystal masks offer a series of benefits linked both to the natural properties of the stone used and to crystal therapy. Here are some advantages:

  1. Soothing and Relaxation : The cool, smooth contact of the crystals on the skin provides a soothing sensation, helping to reduce stress and promote relaxation.
  2. Improved Blood Circulation : When applied to the face, crystals can stimulate blood circulation, which helps detoxify the skin and enhance its natural glow.
  3. Specific Crystal Properties : Different types of crystals used in masks can provide specific benefits. For example, rose quartz is traditionally associated with love and harmony, and is believed to promote glowing, youthful skin. It is also known for its calming and soothing properties which can help regulate anxiety and sleep disorders.
  4. Reduction of swelling and dark circles : Crystal masks, especially when refrigerated before application, help reduce swelling and dark circles under the eyes.

How to use a Crystal Mask?

The crystal mask is a soothing sensory experience that we gladly allow ourselves in this very tumultuous life. Small moment of delicacy, its use must be done on clean and hydrated skin. Leave your mask on for at least ten minutes to feel all the benefits. You can also use your crystal mask overlay with a care mask applied beforehand. The weight of the pearls and their crystalline vibrations will multiply the effectiveness of your treatments.

How to clean your Crystal Mask?

The crystal mask should be cleaned after each use with slightly soapy water. Wipe it afterwards with a soft cloth and let it dry flat before storing it in its box. Handling your crystal mask should be done with care.

Which Crystal Mask to choose?

Different benefits are associated depending on the natural stone that makes up a crystal mask. The crystal mask adapted to your skin must therefore be chosen according to its imperfections. Lack of radiance, sagging skin, irritated skin, overproduction of sebum, appearance of signs of aging, whatever your skin problems, we have the crystal mask for you!

  • Rose Quartz

    The ultimate anti-aging mask. Actively pushes back the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while preserving the youthfulness of your skin.

  • Amethyst

    Purifies, calms and soothes irritated and intolerant skin. Helps regenerate your cells and reduces the disastrous effects of stress.

  • Rock crystal

    Oxygenates your cells and boosts the radiance of your skin. The ideal mask to have a better glow.

  • Obsidian

    The mask with the most advanced healing properties. Accelerates the regeneration of your cells, ideal for marked and damaged skin.

  • Aventurine

    The anti-imperfection mask par excellence. Fights against overproduction of sebum, blackheads and improves the quality of your skin texture.

  • Eye of tiger

    Protects and strengthens your skin against daily aggressions. Slows down the action of bad bacteria and restores vitality to your dermis.

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How do you know if your Crystal Mask is authentic?

To ensure the veracity of your crystal mask, here are some things to check:

  1. Reputable Supplier: Buy your crystal mask from a reliable and reputable seller, preferably one who specializes in crystal products.
  2. Quality materials: A genuine crystal mask will be made from high quality materials, such as quartz or other precious or semi-precious stones.
  3. Weight and Texture: A genuine crystal mask will have substantial weight and a smooth, cool texture to the touch. It should not feel light or plastic.
  4. Inclusions and imperfections: Natural crystals may have natural inclusions or imperfections, such as veins, cracks or surface irregularities. This is part of their natural charm and testifies to their authenticity.


The most frequently asked questions about the Crystal Mask

When to use the crystal mask?

The crystal mask, a real haven of peace in everyday life, fits perfectly into your skincare routine without any contraindications. Use it at your convenience, to enrich your skincare ritual or as a gentle remedy against stress. Its soothing presence promotes relaxation, improved mood and a deeper connection with your body. Treat yourself to these moments of tranquility once or twice a week, a practice that will teach you to live in harmony with yourself, in communion with the natural benefits of the earth.

Why put your crystal mask in the fridge before use?

Placing your crystal mask in the refrigerator before use amplifies its natural benefits. The cold helps reduce inflammation, tighten pores and cool your skin. In addition, the cold promotes blood circulation, helping to reduce puffiness under the eyes and giving a natural glow to your complexion. This is an additional step to optimize your experience of relaxation and care with the crystal mask.

Why place your crystal mask under hot water before use?

Placing your crystal mask under hot water before use can have several benefits. First, the heat can help open your skin's pores, allowing for better absorption of any serums or creams you might use before applying the mask. In addition, heat can promote relaxation and general well-being. Finally, the contact of the hot stone on the skin can bring a feeling of comfort and deep relaxation, thus improving the overall treatment experience.

Why don't you sell jade mask?

We do not offer jade crystal masks, because good quality jade is very expensive. There is no real jade crystal mask on the French market. They are usually made from other stones such as serpentine (helujade) or aventurine (Indian jade) in the best cases. In the most deplorable cases, they are made from recomposed stone powder, resin or plastic. These products will have a very different impact on the quality of your skin. Trade names such as "new jade", "xiuyan jade", "helu jade" or "Indian jade" are misleading. A real jade mask will be named after its stone of manufacture, i.e. jadeite jade or nephrite jade, the only two grades of natural jade in the world.