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A sudden craving for sweetness? Let yourself be surprised by our collection of Moonstone Straws. Crystalline straws personalized to your needs to discover the extent of the virtues of our nature. Mineral drinks and delicious cocktails, let the essence of the earth nourish your internal balance.  

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What is a special lithotherapy straw?

A Moonstone straw is a gemstone water straw. A straw set with a crystal so that it can directly infuse your water or your favorite drinks. You can therefore enjoy glasses with crystalline resonance without prior preparation and at any time of the day!

pailles lithothérapie

How to use the Pierre de Lune lithotherapy straw?

Our Pierre de Lune straws are excellent companions for your glasses. Highball, Hurricane or Cooler, stage your water or your cocktails for intoxicating moments with crystalline sensations. The principle is simple, dive, drink!

Why choose our Moon Stone Straw?

In addition to being a source of well-being, our straws are an ideal ecological alternative to do without traditional single-use straws, a real scourge for our little blue planet. The beauty, inalterability and rarity of our straws will add a touch of pep to your daily life, we can guarantee it!

pailles avec pierres semi-précieuse

How to choose the right lithotherapy straw?

To choose your straw, all you have to do is find the virtues of the stone best suited to your problems. For that, you have to listen to yourself. Courage, positivity, concentration, protection, vitality, abundance, dynamism, it is important to identify your needs and your lacks before depending on external sources. To make it easier for you, we have prepared an illustration below in which you will find the different benefits of the crystals that make up our straws.

Discover the fundamentals of gem waters and stone elixirs

Gem water is pure, fresh water in which crystals have been infused in order to transmit their properties by vibration to the liquid. Gem water is therefore a source of benefits easily accessible to practical administration. A gem elixir is a gem water to which alcohol has been added to improve its preservation. You can therefore keep an elixir for several weeks or even months.

pailles pierre lithothérapie

Water bottle or straw, which should you choose?

It all depends on when you want to enjoy mineral drinks. Our water bottles will be ideal for all kinds of activities such as yoga, hiking, the beach, the gym but also at home and in the office. As for our straws, they will be a presence in your private parties, your neighborhood restaurant or a chic cocktail bar. A great way to surprise your guests!

How to recharge the crystals of your straws?

To get the most out of your straws, it's important to refill them periodically. This is because your straws lose energy energizing your drinks. Here are the most accessible recharging methods: expose your straws under the full moon for a full night, immerse them in salt for a few hours or give them a bath in incense smoke!

  • Obsidian

    This gem makes you want to move forward and change your mindset by providing support and comfort

  • quartz fumé brut vue de prêt

    smoky quartz

    It clarifies your mind and brings you a fair vision of your goals to avoid disappointment or failure.

  • Rock crystal

    This crystal is particularly suitable for concentration, meditation and amplifies the vibrations of other stones and minerals.

  • citrine brut vue de prêt


    This solar mineral is beneficial to the entire digestive system. Its action is also positive on all kinds of infections.

  • Rose Quartz

    Carrier of love and peace, this crystal helps forgiveness, respect for oneself and others while reducing your anxiety and stress.

  • Amethyst

    Its virtues are soothing, contribute to inner calm, relaxation, meditation and help fight all kinds of addictions.

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The most frequently asked questions about lithotherapy straws

Is gem water with direct infusion dangerous?

There are minerals to be avoided when making gemstone water using the direct infusion method. This is why at Pierre de Lune we have selected a range of silica-based gemstones, an essential of the earth to life.

Are Pierres de Lune straws suitable for all kinds of drinks?

Pina Colada, Long Island, Ice Tea or Smoothie, our straws can be used for all types of drinks and for all types of moments!

How to clean your straw?

Our straws are supplied with an internal cleaning brush. You can therefore clean them completely normally using soapy water.