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Do you want a decoration that breaks the codes? From a comforting home? Let yourself be tempted by our Pointes de Pierre Pierre de Lune collection. These crystalline obelisks will diffuse a pure atmosphere with enriching vibrations in your home. An interior with unalterable reminders for a captivating and unique style.

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What is a stone point?

A stone point is a sculpture carved from a mother crystal. It is generally used for decoration or for creative pursuits such as arts and crafts. Considered a powerful tool in the holistic world of lithotherapy, these crystalline obelisks represent the quintessence: purity, beauty and transparency.

How do stone tips work in lithotherapy?

In lithotherapy, stone tips are used as catalysts. They channel the surrounding energy. Stone points are very common accessories in the practice of Feng Sui, the Chinese-inspired art of living, which seeks harmony in the relationship between man and his environment. For what ? With their aptitude, the crystal tips will allow any blocked or stagnant energy to flow again and thus help you feel better. Relief, feeling of freedom, reduction of anxiety, improvement of the quality of sleep... With the tips of Moonstone crystals, say goodbye to bad vibes!

How can we release the energy potential of the stone points?

The stone points emit vibrations that travel from the base of the crystal upwards, creating focused, outward directed energy. No matter where they are placed, they have an influence on the surrounding area. In summary, these stones naturally activate their power and benevolence, thus diffusing their beneficial properties.

How to check the authenticity of your stone point?

To verify the authenticity of stone points, here are some key points to consider: color, fragility, temperature, type of stone and price. A natural stone is unique and has its own patterns due to its variations in color and crystallization. If your stone point is too even, it may indicate that it is not made from real stone. Real stone spikes are shock sensitive and can shatter if dropped, unlike fake ones. In addition, a natural stone retains heat and takes time to cool down after use. Finally, price is an important factor to consider. Stone points are valuable items and an abnormally low price may be a sign of fraud.

How to purify your stone point?

To get the most out of your tips, it's important to recharge them periodically, as they can drain energy purifying your interior. Here are some accessible charging methods:

  • Expose your crystal tips to full moon light for a full night. The glow of the moon will revitalize and recharge your stones.

  • Immerse your crystal tips in salt for a few hours. Salt is known to absorb negative energies and will help rid your stones of any stagnant energy.

  • Bathe your crystal tips in incense smoke. The fumes of certain incenses, such as palo santo or white sage, have purifying properties and can help eliminate unwanted energies.

Stone points and reflexology

Reflexology is an alternative therapy method that aims to stimulate specific pressure points on the feet, hands or ears, offering a multitude of benefits. It promotes body balance, improves blood circulation, stimulates the immune system and helps reduce pain, stress and anxiety. The use of crystal tips in reflexology is a variation of this traditional technique, amplifying the benefits by a reinforced action on the reflex zones and by an additional energy supply. Thus, our Moonstone stone points prove to be essential accessories for a successful and optimized reflexology session.

  • Rock crystal

    Rock Crystal, symbol of purity par excellence, stimulates vitality and intuition, promotes energy balance and supports concentration.

  • Eye of tiger

    Stone of protection above all, tiger's eye acts as a barrier against negative energies. It allows us to be more attentive to our own desires.

  • Red Jasper

    An anchoring and dynamic stone, red jasper invigorates the spirit and self-expression. A stone of sociability, it reassures by stimulating the eloquence and charisma of its wearer.

  • citrine brut vue de prêt


    This stone is voluntary, dynamic and strengthens the personality of its wearer. Attributed to success and prosperity, citrine is a treasure trove of positivity.

  • Unakite

    A stone of wisdom and balance, unakite allows us to come face to face with ourselves. It facilitates introspection and helps to unravel our blockages.

  • Lapis Lazuli

    A stone that brings self-confidence, intuition and creative expression. It helps with introspection, inner discipline and allows you to be both more vigorous and more serene.

  • Rose Quartz

    Crystal of love and peace, this gem helps forgiveness, respect for oneself and others. Rose quartz also reduces your anxiety and stress.

  • Rhodonite

    Rhodonite is radiant, it radiates positive energy. It helps to regulate the emotional overflow linked to stress and anxiety.

  • Amethyst

    This stone has soothing properties, it contributes to inner calm, relaxation, meditation and helps fight all kinds of addictions.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Stone Spikes

Are your stone points 100% natural?

Each of our stone points is handcrafted from carefully selected, top quality crystals. All accessories and minerals on our site are 100% natural.

Can I use a stone point even if I am a beginner in lithotherapy?

Absolutely ! Stone points are an excellent introduction to lithotherapy. They are easy to use and can help you feel the energy of the stones in a more tangible way.

How do I maintain my stone tip?

Gently clean your stone tip with a soft cloth and lukewarm water. Avoid harsh chemicals and don't soak it in water for a long time.

Where do your stone points come from?

Our stone tips are ethically and responsibly sourced around the world. We are committed to respecting the environment and the rights of workers in our supply chain.